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Paranoid Future 2: The Lockdown
Flying Vinyl: Paranoid Future 2: The Lockdown

Flying Vinyl: Paranoid Future 2: The Lockdown


  • Exclusive worldwide pre-order
  • Comes on blue vinyl
  • Includes exclusive pull-out lockdown zine
  • Hand numbered on first-come-first-served basis


Flying Vinyl’s 2019 Paranoid Future LP documented a dystopian future-world where music was outlawed and all communication happened through computers. We find ourselves in a reality that is not far from this fiction.

Paranoid Future 2: The Lockdown is an artistic interpretation of both the struggles that humanity faces in lockdown; the isolation and loneliness, but also in the hope and celebration of resilience and perseverance. The tracks chosen for this record are a reflection of this collision of feelings.

The LP comes on blue wax and contains a pull-out lockdown zine which we’ll be announcing across social media shortly. As always, all records come hand-numbered on a first-come-first-served basis. Stay home, stay safe.




1. Preface. Post War Britain
2. Slow Readers Club – On The TV
3. Lucia – My God
4. Superglu – Forever Endeavour
5. Kashmere – Gravity
6. VANT – Propaganda Machine
7. Pause For Paranoid (interlude)
8. Lapsley – Through Water
9. Fur – Nothing Until Something Else Comes Along
10. Strange Bones – Underdogs
11. The Novus – Postmodern Fairytale
12. Together, alone (Outro) 
13. Whenyoung – Never Let Go

Flying Vinyl – Paranoid Future 2: The Lockdown

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